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Subjects Arrested in Homicide/Robbery

On 1/14/2011, Christopher Demangin, a 51 year old electrician from Houston, was working on a residence located in the 7500 block of Beluche Dr in Galveston.  At approximately 2:00pm, Demangin was shot and killed in the backyard of the residence.

            Officers and Detectives of the Galveston Police Department responded to the scene of the crime.  The co-workers were interviewed, the neighborhood was canvassed, and evidence was collected but a suspect was unable to be immediately identified.  Crime Scene Detectives processed evidence and Homicide Detectives interviewed numerous persons related to the victim and witnesses for six weeks. 

            The tenacity and dedication of every officer involved in the case paid off.  On March 8th, an arrest warrant was issued for Authur Ellis (m/b 2/2/84 of Cleveland, Tx) for the offense of Murder.

            In the early evening hours, Detectives of the Galveston and Cleveland Police Departments located Ellis in Cleveland.  Ellis fled on foot upon observing the detectives.  During the chase, Detective John Blackwell (Galveston PD) observed Ellis throw a pistol on the ground.  Detective Blackwell recovered the weapon which is believed to be the murder weapon.

            Ellis eluded police that night but turned himself in to the Cleveland Police Department the next morning.  Ellis remains in custody at the Galveston County Jail with bond set at $200,000.00.

            Detective Gilbert Gomez, the case detective, interviewed Ellis in Cleveland.  The interview resulted in the continuation of the investigation.

            Detectives interviewed multiple citizens, witnesses, and persons of interest, executing search warrants and subpoenas, and Crime Scene Detectives methodically processed evidence.  Two months and numerous man hours later, Detectives and prosecutors reviewed the evidence consisting of physical evidence from the scene and items recovered from the execution of search warrants, cellular records, video footage, hours of recorded interviews, and pages of documentation. 

            On March 15th, Detectives received and executed warrants of arrest for four other suspects involved in the robbery and murder of Christopher Demangin.  All four suspects (below) are charged with Aggravated Robbery and all four have bonds set at $200,000.00.

Ricardo Acosta                 W/M     05-27-1959          

Oliver Howard                   B/M       04-19-1973          

David Angel                       B/M       09-22-1987          

Jason McKinney                B/M       11-05-1981         

                Ricardo Acosta was arrested at his residence in Houston in the 13900 block of McDermott by the Houston Police Department’s Major Offender Unit.  David Angel and Jason McKinney were picked up by the Houston Police Department’s Gang Unit near their respective residences in Houston.  Oliver Howard was in custody of the Harris County Jail for a parole violation and the warrant was served there.

            The case will be presented to the Grand Jury in Galveston County with the possibility of further charges against the listed suspects.

            The video and electronic evidence recovered puts all five suspects in Galveston, together, immediately before Demangin was robbed and murdered.  The suspected murder weapon, DNA, and other evidence collected is still being processed at the Texas Department of Public Safety and University of North Texas labs and results are pending final examinations.

            Detective Sergeant Gilbert Gomez was the lead detective in this case, assisted by Detective’s Michelle Sollenberger, John Blackwell, Dion Watson, Xavier Hancock, Nick McDermott, and Michael Gray.  Detective Sergeant Mark Pilsner was the Case Supervisor.

            The Galveston Police Department extends its gratitude to every citizen, witness, agency, and all others who assisted in solving this case.

Prepared by,

Capt. Jeff Heyse

Investigative Services Bureau

Galveston Police Department

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