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Galveston Police Encounter Resistance During Downtown Sweep

Crowd Control was Used to Successfully Clear the Area

 (Galveston, TX) February 10, 2013 – At 1:00 a.m. Galveston Police began a sweep of the Strand event area after the Mardi Gras festivities had concluded. While clearing the area officers encountered a group of attendants that refused to leave. Officers observed objects being thrown from the crowd and party goers moved barricades into the street to block their advance. Officers utilized their crowd control training and were able to successfully clear the streets.

 Galveston Police arrested seven people during the disturbance; six of them being for various misdemeanors. One person, Ashton Cooper (W/M 20 y.o.a.), is charged with Assault on a Peace Officer, Evading Arrest, and Criminal Mischief with bonds totaling $55,000. No serious injuries were reported and no downtown businesses were damaged.

 The disturbance was not indicative of the overall law enforcement experience during Mardi Gras 2013. The Galveston Police Department will continue to analyze these situations and adapt our training to meet the challenges of being an agency charged with policing high attendance special events.