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Galveston Police Assist in Rescuing Boaters

Two Saved from Sailboat

 (Galveston, TX) April 7, 2013 – Last night, at approximately 9:45 pm, the Galveston Police Department Marine Division responded to a boat in distress call. The vessel was a 45 foot sailboat with two occupants on board. The boat was reported to be taking on water and smashing against the rocks of a jetty.

 The boat’s exact location was unknown, therefore the United States Coast Guard and the Galveston Police Department Marine Division conducted a search. The sailboat was located on the north jetty of Galveston with a damaged bow. The boat appeared to be listing almost 90 degrees at times.

 A smaller vessel operated by Seatow was able to approach and retrieve the two boaters while Galveston Police stood by with a rescue swimmer. Both boaters were recovered unharmed thanks to the combined efforts of all involved.