Domestic Violence Workshop

 Date(s)/Time: November 17th 2010 – 0800HRS

Instructors: TBA

Course Length: One Day – 8 HRS

 Cost: FREE

 Course Description:

This eight hour training workshop is vital for first responders. The goal of this training is to provide first responders with an enhanced understanding of how to sufficiently meet the needs of family violence victims. The following topics will be covered:

 Victim’s Rights and Services

  • Protective Orders
  • Legislative Updates
  • Law enforcement duties when responding to Family Violence

 This course will also will have a mediated open discussion with a victim panel that was carefully selected. This will allow first responders to observe the family violence incident from the eyes of the victim. The intent will be to offer valuable information that will better assist law enforcement in better serving those who look for us to provide them protection.


Active duty Law Enforcement

 Equipment Needed:

Note taking material



Payment Method:

Free Course

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