Insurance and Sick Leave

  • The City of Galveston pays full premium for health, dental, and life insurance for the employee
  • Sick Leave – accrued at a rate of 1 1/4 days per month for a total of 15 sick days per year
  • Injury Leave – Police Officers injured in the line of duty recieve full pay for up to one (1) year

Education Incentives

Officers recieve financial incentives for continuing education at the following levels

  • Bachelor Degree – $2,400.00 Yearly
  • Advanced college degrees (Masters, Doctorate) – $3,000.00 Yearly

Officers also receive financial incentives for advancing their TCLEOSE Certification in addition to college degree incentives

  • Intermediate TCLEOSE Certificate – $1,200.00 Yearly
  • Advanced TCLEOSE Certificate – $2,004.00 Yearly
  • Masters TCLEOSE Certificate – $2,496.00 Yearly

Uniform Reimbursement

  • All uniforms and equipment are provided to new Police Officers upon hire
  • Thereafter, Officers receive $1,000 per year in equipment / uniform allowance

Shift Differential Pay

  • Officers assigned to Evening Watch (2pm-10pm) – $83.00 per month
  • Officer assigned to Night Watch (10pm-6am) – $167.00 per month

Bilingual Pay

  • Officers who are fluent a needed foreign language and pass the City of Galveston fluency exam recieve an additional $75.00 per month

Paid Vacation

  • 0-4 Years of Service – 10 days per year
  • 5-14 Years of Service – 15 days per year
  • 14+ Years of Service – 20 days per year
  • Officers also receive ten (10) paid holidays per year